Vtg Magnetic Bracelet Lode Stone Helps Pain Circulation Not Medical Device

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Here's a blast from the past - 20+ years old - old stock from Excalibur Hotel - I carried these bracelets for a few years - still on the original card.

A little more info. I do not believe that magnets work for everyone but for me they did. I was in a horrible car wreck and got involved with them because I was in so much pain.

Up until that point in time I thought "whiplash" was something that people made up to get insurance money. I was so wrong. I tried everything on the planet just about to stop the pain. I'm not a pill take so that was out. Chiropractic did give me relief but I had to keep going back.

I ran into an old friend who was importing these devices from the orient. He told me they worked for him. At this point in time I figured what the heck so I bought some. They worked for me.

It (pain) has something to do with blood and circulation. Not an expert by any means whatsoever. Just my own personal experience.  I have a few other styles - all new magnetic items. This one is a high polished silver and gold plate. Even as just a fashion statement their nice.

If your looking for relief I hope they work for you.

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