T Hedeman Murray Sharp Bullrider Poster Rodeo Cowboy Bounty Hunter Bud Light 90s

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Tuff Hedeman Ty Murray and Jim Sharp - 3 of the greatest bull riders ever. And not hard on the eyes ladies - I'm old but not dead yet and still recognize a hunk when I see one. Something yummy to look at while your cleaning out the stall. Poster measures 20" x 28"

This poster is from 1995 - It was put out by Bud Light for the NFR. Pre Tuff Hedeman starting the PBR Bullrider rodeo.

Although it's 30 years old - I found them in the warehouse in the original shipper box so they are pristine. I'll ship it in a tube as opposed to folding it and shoving it into an envelope. Perfect for framing. If you like this poster as shot you'l appreciate it more when it's in your hand. I'm not the best photographer - couldn't get rid of the glare in the camera and it's much lighter than the yellowish - brown look.

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