R. Esterbrook 5550 Pens Nibs 21 Pcs American Schaffer 14kt GP #4 Lawrences Lot

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Estate Lot

1 green American with screw off cap - nib in place reads VERI SMOOTH MEDIUM USA it is a gold colored nib

1 maroon with screw off cap and middle (2) nib reads SIGNATURE 14KT GOLD PLATED 4 - this one also has a gold colored nib

5 shiny nibs that say ESTERBROOK 5550 DRIP-LESS - these look brand new

16 dull nibs that say LAWRENCE'S LEDGER PEN SARATOGA NY 240 - these look like they have some maybe rust on them?

The little red box that says Esterbrook leaves a lot to be desired as shown in pictures but is still legible.

And that my friend is the extent of what I know about these things - if I missed something important please ask as I am far from an expert on pens - jewelry is my thing.

Will ship with delivery tracking thru USPO