Nevada Arizona Turquoise Cabochon Lot Kingman Freeform 125ct 9 pcs Cab 25.2 grms

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Lot of 9  Kingman AZ and Nevada turquoise freeform cabochons. They are 35+ years old cut sometime in the early to mid 80s. These are all true free form with a backing. some have very high luster polish - some do not . The material is very nice please see pictures for size. The shades vary from blue with matrix to green to pale blue or green.  They are probably stabilized (I am assuming). The sizes vary. I picked up some of that material years ago at the Tucson Gem show. There is one piece (darker) of nevada damele turqoise that I got from the show at the Pueblo Inn - I always called that the Hippie hotel - I love that place. He was set up of course in his room - think the year was like 1993? maybe. I had alot of his material but not much is left now - I dole it out a little at a time - it's so pretty. Someone had asked me for smaller pieces so I mixed this lot up a bit.

Will ship via USPO with delivery confirmation
Now let's talk about the colors and features of the stones - someone said I "heavily" filtered them - well - I'm no camera geek - not 100% sure what filtered even means. I barely get thru holding them in one hand and clicking the picture holding the camera in the other.  
I am an old white woman of irish / viking descent - hence the white hand. The dime used in the pictures is an american dime. I do not sell internationally so most of you are probably familiar with the color of a dime. 
If my hand or the dime don't look right perhaps you need to adjust the color on your monitor - just saying.
Imperfections in the stones - yes there are some - if you are looking for the most perfect turquoise cabs that the good Lord ever created - this might not be your choice. These pieces have all the natural imperfections that Mother Nature gave them. I try to get as close up as I can when shooting the pictures.
If you think there is someting "fishy" going on here - please just pass on the listing.
There is lots of turquoise for sale on ebay. I understand I can not please all the people all the time but I'm trying. This is american rock not some dyed in the wool chinese howlite presented as genuine turquoise.