Complete Set Stereoscope Cards Stereo Keystone 1-100 America USA Black Americana

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This listing took me awhile to create - I want to make sure you know exactly what your getting

As to the age I am not an expert on these cards - they were an estate find. Produced by Keystone View Company made in the USA. This is one complete set of USA America scenes numbers 1 to 100. Each card has a unique story on the backside and I have enjoyed reading each one. America was a fascinating place back in the day and the information is very interesting.  This set is pretty much all east of the Mississippi. From coal miners to German warships docked in USA harbor - black sharecroppers to silk factory workers - wall street New York City and New Jersey to Pennsylvania. Niagara Falls and on and on. Information I didn't even know. Their basically turn of the century and earlier working American folks - the ones that built our great country
The history lessons on the back of each card are a true story of how America was built - the writer does an excellent job - you could almost use these daily in a classroom teaching the real history of America that is rarely portrayed in the classrooms of today - the lessons our kids never hear about or hear how hard American works worked in their daily lives.
The cards are pristine - no rips or tears - no water stains. Black and white in nature. The rounded corners considering their age are very good.  I could only post 12 pictures here so if you want to see anything else just let me know. I tried to pick some interesting ones. So here they are. I thought that if you buy this you would like the complete list to print out
1 - Logging Aroostook County, ME
2 - Wild Moose Maine Forest
3 - Quarrying Granite Concord New Hampshire
4 - Marble Quarry Proctor, VT
5 - Chiseling Marble Proctor, Vermont
6 - Old North Church Boston Mass
7 - Quincy Market Faneuil Hall Boston MA
8 - Old State House Court Street Boston Mass
9 - Longfellow's Home Cambridge Mass
0 - Lexington Common Mass
11 - Cutting Leather for shoes Massachusetts
12 - Lasting machine shaping shoes shoe factory MA
13 - Drying Codfish Gloucester Harbor Mass
14 - Spinning Cotton Yarn Textile mill Lawrence Mass
15 - Copying design copper rolls cloth Lawrence Mass
16 - Printing room cotton mill Lawrence Mass
17 - Sorting wool after cleaning Lawrence Mass
18 - Doubling Frame woolen mill Lawrence Mass
19 - Cut rags washing drums paper mill Holyoke, Mass
20 - Inspecting paper Holyoke, Mass
21 - Workers making jewelry Providence Rhode Island
22 - Weighing silk skeins Manchester Conn
23 - First drawing silk factory Manchester Conn
24 - Roving frame silk Manchester Conn
25 - New York City skyscrapers Woolworth Towers over Battery Statue of Liberty            and Harbor
26 - Ferry Slips New York City Brooklyn side towards Manhattan
27 - Brooklyn Bridge New York NY
28 - Old and new City Hall World building City Hall Park New York City
29 - Wall Street New York NY
30 - Broadway from the Empire State building New York City New York
31 - Subway trolley cars transportation hub New York City
32 - Ellis Island barge Gateway of America NY
33 - Domestic Art and dining typical of ear
34 - Drying kiln loaf sugar New York
35 - Sugar workers filling bags New York
36 - Cemetery Sleepy Hollow New York NY
37 - Washington's headquarters at Newburg on Hudson River NY
38 - Hudson River Valley
39 - West Point Hudson River NY
40 - Factory workers linen collars Troy NY
41 - Sewing room shoe factory Syracuse, NY
42 - Salt brine workers Syracuse NY
43 - New York Central Railway Buffalo Chicago Erie Canal
44 - Apple orchard Hilton NY
45 - Washing freshly churned butter Cohocton, NY
46 - Filling machines milk Cohocton New York
47 - Cantaloupe picking Buffalo NY
48 - Erie Canal Buffalo NY
49 - American Falls Niagara Falls NY
50 - Queen of Cataracts American Falls Niagara Falls NY
51 - Palisades Hudson River New Jersey
52 - Great ocean liners docked Hoboken NJ Manhattan Island Hudson River
53 - Drawing warp weaving silk cloth mill Paterson, NJ
54 - Weaving room silk mill Paterson, New Jersey
55 - Weaving machine silk ribbon Paterson NJ
56 - White leghorn chicken laying house Corning Egg Farm New Jersey
57 - Milking sene modern dairy New Jersey
58 - Firing tableware pottery center Trenton NJ
59 - Artist decorating porcelain Trenton NJ
60 - Sunbathers swimmer in surf Atlantic City New Jersey
61 - Allegheny Monongahela Rivers Pittsburgh PA
62 - Blast furnace plant Pittsburgh Penn
63 - Pig iron machine Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
64 - Emptying Pig iron machine Pittsburgh PA
65 - Steel mill Pittsburgh Penn
66 - Steel ingot table Blooming mill Steel Works Pittsburgh PA
67 - Hot steel beam rolling process buzz saw Pittsburgh PA
68 - View of coke ovens in Pennsylvania
69 - Shooting the well - men - loading nitro glycerine oil field Pennsylvania
70 - Shooting the well - men - nitro glycerine oil field Pennsylvania
71 - Wagon ammunition Admiral Perry Lake Erie Prarie Schooner
72 - Woodcock on nest
73 - Culp's Hill Gettysburg PA
74 - Stripping coal Hazleton PA
75 - Miners going into the Slope Hazleton Penn
76 - Miners drilling Anthracite Scranton PA
77 - Miners loading cage car coat shaft Scranton PA
78 - Tandem automatic slate picker Scranton PA
79 - Shipping coal coal breaker Ashley PA
80 - Old Liberty Bell Independence Hall Philadelphia PA
81 - Spinning room winding bobbins wool yarn weaving PA
82 - Erecting shop Baldwin Locomotive Works Philadelphia PA
83 - Boy Scouts Campfire Girls gardening Philadelphia PA
84 - Coining press government mint Philadelphia PA
85 - Black field workers picking peaches Americana Delaware
86 - Workers shucking oysters house Baltimore, Maryland
87 - Capitol building Washington DC
88 - Woodrow Wilson house senate Congressional Chamber Washington DC
89 - Supreme Court room capitol Washington District Columbia
90 - State Nave War Building White House Treasury Pennsylvania 
       Avenue Capitol Washington DC
91 - White House Washington District of Columbia
92 - Cabinet Room Executive Annex White House
93 - Washington Monument Agricultural Department Grounds 
94 - Bureau of Printing and Engraving Numbering Separating Paper Money
95 - Congressional Library Washington
96 - Washington's old home Mt Vernon Virginia
97 - Oyster Shells Bedding Hampton Virginia
98 - Pocahontas John Smith Enactment Pamunkey indian tribe Jamestown                       Exposition.
99 - Life Saving Corps Jamestown Exposition
100 - War ships Hampton Roads Jamestown Opening Day April 26 1907
And that concludes my friends the entire set - I think they would be a great gift or tool for a US history teacher - like read a different card every day and discuss turn of the century living. The stories on the backside of each card are fascinating and pretty detailed - good story writer for the day.
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